ENGLİSH what is csp ?

Critical Strike Portable is a first person action game that pays tribute to Counter Strike 1.6, offering an experience virtually identical to the legendary game from Valve, but from the comfort of your Android device and with a control system fully adapted to touch screens. 

The first thing that catches your attention in CriticalStrike Portable is that is has an interface that is a little crowded. On the screen you always have (although you may hide them) buttons to jump, crouch, move, look, shoot, switch weapons, reload, look at statistics, chat, and the menu. And if that were not enough, you will also see the radar, the life bar, and ammunition. 

Once you start to play and ignore the baroque style interface, you will discover that Critical Strike Portableis indeed a portable version of Counter Strike. You will find the same game modes, the ability to play over the internet as well as alone with bots, the same weapons, and even slightly similar scenarios. 

Graphically, Critical Strike Portable is also surprising. The reason? It has a visual aspect slightly better than Counter Strike original and it moves very smoothly, even in devices that are several years old. 

Critical Strike Portable is quite possibly the best first person shooter game for mobile devices that exists. Not so much for graphics, for this there are much better (the majority of Gameloft titles, for example), but because it reminds us what a real game of this genre should be.